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Flick Kit Drummer

4.0 ( 400 ratings )
Música Entretenimento
Developer: Marzloff Media
0.99 USD

Flick Kit Drummer: now available!

Get this app for a quick and easy drum kit in your pocket!

6 touch buttons that trigger:
Kick drum
Hi hat (open)
Hi hat (closed)

Also features a rimshot button to use after a bad punchline.

Two trigger modes: Touch Mode and Flick Mode!

Touch mode triggers the drum sounds when you press the drum buttons.

Flick mode responds to your wrist flick-- hold down one or more drum buttons and flick your iPhone or iPod Touch downward and the accelerometer will trigger the drums. This works great for simulating jazz ride patterns!

(In Righty mode, screen should face left. Hold device so screen faces right in Lefty mode. Then flick phone down towards the ground).

How is Flick Kit Drummer different than other drum apps?

1. Flick Mode! Play more naturally during a "pick-up" jam session!

2. Each drum has multiple buffers, meaning no silent hits if the samples are already playing!